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august 10, 2008

Razboiul cu Georgia se desfasoara si in cyberspace

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Curios cum evenimentele reale se răsfrîng și asupra cyber-spațiului..

Daca trecem pe lista celor mai populare site-uri georgiene(cele ce se termin .ge) vedem ca majoritatea nu se deschid.

Deasemenea dupa informatia

Inafara de banalul DDoS (atac masiv de la mii de coputere virusate) cum a fost in cazul cu Estonia anul trecut, de data asta rusii au reusit sa schimbe rutele traficului spre serverele georgiene (acum traficul se duce pe calea gresita astfel nu mai ajunge niciodata la destinatie).

Se raporteaza ca majoritatea site-urilor (inclusiv cele oficiale) aflate in interiorul Georgiei nu mai sunt accesibile din exterior.

Se pare ca si-a schimbat acum hostingul in SUA, si a inceput sa lucreze, deasemenea vad ca site-ul ministerului afacerilor externe( tot s-a mutat in SUA dar inca nu lucreaza(iata mi s-a deschis cu o eroare „Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_oukaen4buj1uap6dv8qjj1f0m5, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/.waters/mfagov/ on line 3” cred ca sub DDoS).

De pe

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili held a press conference

I have few announcements to make for international media. In fact, we were trying before we organize this live-air for me, we tried to get through different media channels and before of talking about the other things, I have to say that Russia have launched overall cyber attack over Georgian telecommunication system, and also on every line that goes from Georgia to the outside of world trying to block international communications

I have the following statement to make

Today Russia has launched a full scale military invasion of Georgia. Russian forces, including air, land and sea forces are messed against and attacking our sovereign nation. This war is not about South Ossetia, it has never been in first place. It is about destroying a small democratic nation inspiring to live in peace, freedom and liberty. Georgia is a nation of 4.6 million, Russia is 146 million and today they are trying to destroy my country. Georgia lost its independence in 1921, today it’s in similar circumstances. Today it will not be defeated no matter what. We appeal to our friends and allies to call to Russia to cease hostilities immediately. Georgia is a peace-loving nation, but today we have been attacked from North to South, East to West. I have to mention that Russian forces have been specifically targeting civilian quarters, they have specifically attacked and blew up the whole civilian quarter in the town of Gori, far away from the place where conflict area is and where is direct friction between forces are. They’ve attacked installations in the western part of Georgia, they’ve attacked residential quarters all around the country, they’ve attacked civilian hospitals and there are casualties. Most of casualties are among civilians. They’ve attacked our airports, they’ve attacked the proximities of pipe line, they’ve attacked bridges and they’ve attacked roads. Several hours ago Russian Black Sea fleet started to move towards and started invasion of Georgian sovereign territory in Abkhazia. Three years ago Russian troops and Russian heavy equipment started to storm upper Abkhazia – Kodori Gorge. I have to say, no Georgian movement, no central government step has been ever been taking place for the last period towards that territory. I also have to indicate, that Russian troops, Russian tanks that moved in, into South Ossetia on their way expelled the whole ethnically Georgian population of South Ossetia. This morning they’ve committed the ethnic cleansing in all areas they control in South Ossetia, they have expelled ethnic Georgians living there. Right now they are trying to set up the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Georgians from upper Abkhazia – Kodori Gorge.

Nu, real, Ostia ceea e chiar in interiorul Georgiei, ce naiba cauta rusii acolo.

Iată cineva pe twitter scrie din Osetia..
Ceea ce se petrece in Osetia/Georgia versiunea georgiana

Se pare ca este si versiunea engleza a lui wardirect – wardirect_en – am aflat ca rusii au inceput sa bombrdeze Tbilisi – Capitala Georgiei !

Înnoit3: O noua sursa cu informatie care n-am vazut-o nicaieri:

First of all, we identify 309 prefixes (networks) that geo-locate to Georgia, originated from 26 Autonomous Systems (ASes). As the following graphs show, over the past three days, up to 35% of the prefixes disappeared from the Internet, sometimes for long periods of time, and up to 60% of them were unstable. .. Georgia has few options for connectivity via land routes, namely Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. As it turns out, most of those 309 Georgian prefixes get routed via Turkey’s TTnet (AS 9121) or Azerbaijan’s Delta Telecom (AS 29049). Traffic to Delta Telecom then heads to Russia via JSC Rostelcom (AS 12389). During the hostilities, we’ve seen no significant changes in routing. In particular, we saw no apparent attempts to limit traffic via Russia, but then again, most traffic from Georgia seems to currently transit Turkey. So with respect to connectivity, Georgia is ultimately dependent on either Turkey or Russia. But Georgia has been planning ahead and just announced the completion of the first stage of a cable to Bulgaria under the Black Sea to give them a direct conduit into Europe. As of today, this fiber does not appear to be lit, as we see no evidence of Georgian traffic routed directly via Europe. ..

Înnoit4 – 13.aug:
Intre timp rusii au sistat operatiunile militare dupa ce au distrus punctele importante militare din Georgia si dupa ce presedintele Frantei a fost la Moscova ca reprezentat a Uniunii Europene..
Iata inca niste analize despre cyber war-ul recent..
11.aug Coordinated Russia vs Georgia cyber attack in progress – Zdnet
12.aug Estonia, Poland help Georgia fight cyberattacks – Computerworld

Înnoit5 – 13.aug/2:
Se pare ca inca nu au plecat rusii din Georgia

Russian tanks heading deeper into Georgia on road to capital Tbilisi, one day after cease-fire, witnesses tell CNN.

about 4 hours ago from CNN Alert

Russian soldiers open fire, when ISP Caucasus Online’s technicians were tryin to fix fiberoptical link to Global internet connection in GEO

about an hour ago from web

4 comentarii »

  1. +1

    Comentariu de Valeriu Tihai — august 11, 2008 @ 0:25

  2. Îi cunosc pe acei care au făcut deface-uri pe siturile populare georgiene,unii aveau botneturi personale pe care le foloseau.
    Ei cred ca aceasta e datoria lor fata de patrie(Rusia),si o ajuta cum pot.

    P.S.Eu ma abtin de la comentarii in privinta acestui eveniment.

    Comentariu de Andrei Coliban — august 15, 2008 @ 1:34

  3. Yeh.. Din cite am aflat in Ossetya e chiar un popor separat
    Asa deci nu se poate de comparat cu Transnistria..

    Caci eu initial am crezut ca situatia e exact ca la noi in Transnistria..

    Comentariu de Adrenalin — august 15, 2008 @ 2:46

  4. >Ii cunosc pe acei care au făcut deface-uri pe siturile populare georgiene,unii aveau botneturi >personale pe care le foloseau.
    >Ei cred ca aceasta e datoria lor fata de patrie(Rusia),si o ajuta cum pot.
    Mie personal mi s-a crea o impresie ca totul a fost ft bine pregatit, site-ul presedintelui se floodea inca cu aproape o luna in urma (cred ca testau rezistenta).
    Posibil au floodat si alti rusi, dar eu cred ca guvernul rus liber pot avea si cyber-soldati..
    Asa cum depedenta de internet creste in permanenta, cyber-attackurile pot avea efect ft nedorit..

    Comentariu de Adrenalin — august 15, 2008 @ 2:52

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