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decembrie 7, 2007

Despre hackeri

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Deodata va zic ca hacker e omul care permanent caută să facă lucruri ingenioase, idei neordinare, caută să gîndescă „înafara cutiei” %) Posibil tu singur ai facut de multe ori diferite hackur – diferite lucruri ingenioase.

Ceea ce trebuie sa intelegeti, daca folosesti aceste cunostinte pentru a face ceva rau, pentru a distruge, a sterge, a fura ceva, deveniti criminal. Asa deci nu confundati termenii.

Ce sa zic eo, ascultati-l mai bine pe taticul Emmanuel Goldstein aka Eric Gordon Corley..

1. How do you define hacking?
Hacking is, very simply, asking a lot of questions and refusing to stop asking. This is why computers are perfect for inquisitive people – they don’t tell you to shut up when you keep asking questions or inputting commands over and over and over. But hacking doesn’t have to confine itself to computers. Anyone with an inquisitive mind, a sense of adventure and strong beliefs in free speech and the right to know most definitely has a bit of the hacker spirit in them.

2. Are there legal or appropriate forms of hacking?
One of the common misconceptions is that anyone considered a hacker is doing something illegal. It’s a sad commentary on the state of our society when someone who is basically seeking knowledge and the truth is assumed to be up to something nefarious. Nothing could be further from the truth.

4. Are you a hacker? Why? Or why not?

Absolutely. It’s not something you can just erase from your personality, nor should you want to. Once you lose the desire to mess around with things, tweak programs and systems, or just pursue an answer doggedly until you get a result, you’ve lost a very important part of yourself. It’s quite possible that many „reformed” hackers will lose that special ingredient as they become more and more a part of some other entity that demands their very souls. But for those who can resist this, or figure out a way to incorporate „legitimacy” into their hacker personalities without compromising them, there are some very interesting and fun times ahead.

..mai mult..

Totusi Richard Stallman, tata tuturor hackerilor, unul dintre primii in it.. Poate sa vă vorbească mai mult cine înseamnă a fi hacker.

So far, sa revenim la tema, cum s-ar zice, am găsit leacul %)

Pe 6 septembrie 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a avut loc conferinta de securitate, stiu ca locul nu prea impresioneaza, in schimb oamenii prezenti rup, pina ce am privit 2 keynote-uri (un fel de prezentari cheie) si am ramas placut surpins..

1) Keynote Address 3: The Rise and Fall of Information Security in the Western World
Mark ‘Phiber Optik’ Abene, Former Member of LOD/MOD

I’ve had the unequaled pleasure of witnessing the birth of two great movements: the hacker underground and the computer security industry. Join me in not just a speech, but a verbal odyssey back to the beginnings of each of these all-important cultural developments; how, directly and indirectly, these two movements have fed off the other in a manner sometimes helpful and sometimes adversarial.

2) Keynote Address 4: The Evolution of Hacking
Emmanuel Goldstein, Founder, 2600 Magazine

There have always been hackers. People who challenge the rules, think outside the box, and pool their knowledge and resources have been responsible for all sorts of inventions and discoveries over the centuries. With computers, phones, and the rise of the technocratic state, their importance and visibility have multiplied dramatically. But with that visibility has come fear from those who don’t understand.

Si inca is o sumedenie de talk-uri, absolut gratuit, disponbile prin bittorrent, god bless internet, cum s-ar zice, si the hackers of course !

Recomand The Evolution of Hacking..
Acum inteleg mai mult cit de ne-liberi is oamenii din SUA.. Si ce au avut de suferit unii hackeri..
Apropo in ambele talkuri se mentioneaza filmul WarGames %) Eo l-am privit mai demult, cine nu l-o privit, neaparat tre s-o faca..

Apropo ambele zile (is 2 torrente acolo) le copii in Moldova, asa deci daca incepeti sa copiati in mod evident veti copia si de pe compul meu..

Apropo2, Emmanuel Goldstein are un radio show fiecare miercuri 7PM -05:00GMT offthehook, în timpul cînd merge show-ul pe irc canal se poate de vb despre ceea ce se vorbeste, cul ! %)

– am facut update la definitia mea in romana a hackerului %) Cea veche sugea un pic, asta noua cred ca e mai clara si mai corecta.
– de cind am scris acest post am mai privit niste talk-uri,
Cele mai impresionate:
D1 KEYNOTE 2 – Mikko Hypponen – Online Crime and Crime – Mikko Hypponen, seful F-Secure, povesteste despre cum functioneaza criminalii in online, de unde atita spam si oare mai este el efectiv ? Si multe lucruri interesante despre carderi, botneturi, si la sfirsit veti vedea ceva ft interesant despre un rus cu o masina nefiebatza.
Ati stiut ca acum in asia is mai multi utilizatori online ca in europa sau in america de nord ? si in scurt viitor se asteapta crestere destul de mare anume in Asia.

D1T2 – The Exploit – Wabi Sabi Labi (din japoneza, laboratorul imperfect, italianul ne explica ca japonezii cred mult in perfectionarea continua, niciodata nu esti perfect, pemanent trebuie sa te perfectionez) – Incercarea de a legaliza vinzarea „security research”-urilor adica exploiturilor 0day, incercarea de a elimina „black market-ul” si de a da posibilitate security research-urilor de asi face de piine fara a apela la partea „neagra” a internetului.. Asa cum numeste presa ebay p/u exploituri, marea diferenta intre alte marketuri e ca WabiSabiLabi controleaza fiecare cumparator si vinzator, stabilind dislocatia lor fizica. Astefel incercind sa faca ca „security research”-urile si exploiturile sa nimereasca in miini corecte (din cite inteleg, companiile de securitate care fac „penetrating test” (apropo despre tema asta in „The Evolution of Hacking” cite ceva interesat) is ft interesate in asa, deoarece daca le reuseste penetrarea autoritatea lor creste, si primesc mai multi $ din partea companiilor „auditate”..
Am impresia ca e cit de cit o solutie de cit nimic ! Adica e mai bine de cit cind acesti experti in securitate vind exploiturile pentru lucruri „negre” pe black market..

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  1. >stiu ca locul nu prea impresioneaza
    why not? kuala lumpur ii destul de tru si modern oras

    >4. Are you a hacker? Why? Or why not?
    cul descriere ;) o apucat de suflet %)

    >pe irc canal se poate de vb despre ceea ce se vorbeste, cul ! %)

    Comentariu de polonyk — decembrie 9, 2007 @ 12:26

  2. >why not? kuala lumpur ii destul de tru si modern oras
    Ugum, geografia mea suje %)

    >cul descriere ;) o apucat de suflet %)
    Exact ! Imi pare bine ca ai observat..

    Mai ales.. „It’s quite possible that many “reformed” hackers will lose that special ingredient as they become more and more a part of some other entity that demands their very souls.”

    Despe cul guys care devin kibroji..

    Yup, sapt. trecuta cul hatzkerii au vb despre (despre cei care au convorbiri absolut private, sau nu le place ca convorbirile lor sa fie ascultate de cineva, da tre 2..) si cum niste foi metalice (foliga) se poate de ascuns identificatorul biometric de scanere %)

    Comentariu de Adrenalin — decembrie 10, 2007 @ 21:52

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