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octombrie 17, 2007

Interviu interesant..

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Iata mai citem si eu(10 mistakes managers make during job interviews) ce mai citeste lumea si am dat in forum ceva interesant.. Ma gindeam ca si pe voi o sa vă amuze puţin.

#7: You stress the candidate out – brought back a memory.

I was interviewing with a local accounting firm downtown, when the CPA in charge pulled a hand gun out of his desk drawer and laid it on the table. He did this with no explanation. It sat on the desk unmentioned for about five minutes and then he asked me if I had any enemies.

I was 23 and a recent graduate of college – why would I have enemies, so I told him no. The trouble was he didn’t believe me.

He took me to the conference room (he left the gun on the desk thankfully) and told me to sit down and think about it hard – he wanted to know who my enemies were and insisted I tell him. After about 10 minutes he came back in to the conference room looking for an answer.

I told him I had no enemies and he said he couldn’t hire someone that didn’t have an enemy. I counted my blessings and got the heck out of there.

I had forgotten that story – I wonder what happened to that guy?

Apoi cineva a mai scris

He pulled a handgun out, put it on the table and it went unmentioned for five minutes? Crikey, the first thing i’d have done is asked what he was doing and why he felt he needed to be armed in his office. I’d then exchange pleasantries and leave….quickly.
Anyone who thinks it’s OK to produce a firearm in an office interview has got to be a bona-fide psycho.

(What would he have done if you asked for a raise?)

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  1. stupida situatie.. din ambele parti..
    fara sens/motiv/morala

    Comentariu de polonyk — octombrie 22, 2007 @ 21:56

  2. Yep, asta e una din greselile care le poate face un manajer ;o)

    Nu, dar asta chiar e fun, vii la interviu dar bosul sta cu un shotgun si incepe sa te intrebe daca nu ai vre-un duşman ceva, muagaga.

    Comentariu de Adrenalin — octombrie 23, 2007 @ 1:28

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