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ianuarie 10, 2007

Blogul unui american voluntar in Moldova

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Azi am gasit o intreaga retea de bloguri ale moldovenilor nostri de peste tot, adica initial am dat de, apoi de acolo au fost link-uri la alte bloguri, si de la alte bloguri la alte bloguri..

Aşa am dat de blogul unui american pe nume Peter Myers care este voluntar în Moldova, Hancesti, Mereseni din Iunie 2005 pînă în prezent şi regulat scrie noi posturi !

My name is Peter Myers. I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Mereseni, a village of 2,500 people in Moldova, a former Soviet republic between Romania and Ukraine. I have taught English here for more than a year, and this year I have also become the school’s computer teacher.

Please browse through the archives, as over the course of a year and a half, I have covered a wide range of topics, including daily life, transportation, language and some of the cultural frustrations and blessings I have found here.

A filmat chiar un clip Life’s a Beci si l-a pus pe youtube %)

Da cum voua postul Bagaje in rutiera, presupun ca Peter vine din Hincesti in Chisinau cu rutiera, destul de interesant sa vezi lucruri obisnuite pentru noi din perspectiva unui om strain.. %)

Sunt multe posturi, ft interesant de citit.. %) Sincer respect pentru asa oameni..

Um, şi din blogul lui Peter am dat în blogul lui Alexei Ghertescu, LAW IN MOLDOVA, iată nici nu am stiut ca Zdob si Zdub au fost judecati pentru cintecul Draga Otee, îl cîntă fără permisiunea autorului Iurii Sadovnic.

Um, se pare ca is mai multi voluntari americani in Moldova si fiecare are blog %)

Bradley Dakake Copceac, Gagauzia, MD
A Bad Day for Pigs – despre ceea cum a fost taiat un purceluş %) chiar si fotci sunt

Iata am dat de acest blog si de la acest sunt link-uri la alti voluntari din Moldova %)

Micha – Chisinau matinca
The Talk of the Village

My host mom mentioned to me, over a bowl of borş, that everyone is asking her if she feeds me. A few women in my village have noticed my slightly svelter self and come to the conclusion that I don’t eat, so my host mom does not feed me. They meet her in one of the many stores in the center of town and inquiry about my well-being. Whenever I go to school and am in the presence of my director, she practically pins me down and force feeds me cookies or whatever food is within reach. She tells me I have simply lost too much weight, and that it scares her.


Craig – Sireți, Străşeni, MD
Um, aici am dat despre un post mai putin placut ;] Defapt nish in viata reala nu prea imi aduc aminte sa vad asa ceva..

So Why Aren’t Any of You Saying Anything?

So the other night, I was waiting for the mini-bus in Chisinau to take me home. There were about 4 of us waiting when a group of three younger guys showed up, all quite inebriated. I knew one of them. I don’t know his name, but he thinks he knows mine. When he says it, it sounds something like Krang. I wasn’t looking forward to riding with them because he and his cohorts usually ask me for money or to give them a cd player or just ask stupid questions like “do you like to have sex?” They also like to talk to me in Russian sometimes so that it’s funny when I don’t understand what they’re saying..

continuare cam trista ;p

Anna Talley Recea, Moldova

Mmmm! Tastes Like Chicken!

Yup folks! That’s how we do it here in Moldova! First we tai (which literally translates „cut”, but means to kill) the chicken, and then hold the head, and body over a fire to singe all the feathers off. Next thing you know, you’ve got a chicken head floating in your zeama (chicken soup). Don’t tell my host mom, but I snuck the chicken head to the kittens when she wasn’t home. Is that bad?

Bugaga %)
Acolo mai sunt bloguri da mii lene sa ma uit la toate ;o)

Nici nu am stiut ca avem atitea voluntari..

6 comentarii »

  1. interesant scrie Peter despre moldoveni, mai ales despre cum poti avea incredere in ei.. si eu care credeam poporul moldav suspicios si rautacios, se pare ca se poate si mai rau :)
    cat despre bloggeri moldoveni care au vizitatori straini(mi-au placut linkurile catre paginile despre moldova), chiar is bravo. astfel mai afla lumea despre tarisoara noastra

    Comentariu de xtefan — ianuarie 10, 2007 @ 17:38

  2. clipu e super…:))
    pentru multi „life is a beci”…sau mai bine zis „life is in a beci”
    cat despre peter…tot respectul din partea mea, bvo lui

    Comentariu de vultoor — ianuarie 12, 2007 @ 5:08

  3. respect lui;)

    Comentariu de Kerdic — ianuarie 12, 2007 @ 18:57

  4. xtefan +1 fix aşa credeam )))

    Comentariu de mixdpp — ianuarie 13, 2007 @ 2:58

  5. Name:Peter Myers
    Location:Mereseni (May’-ray-shain’), Hancesti (Huinchesht’), MD

    huinchesti ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Comentariu de serii — ianuarie 30, 2007 @ 4:18

  6. la Craig … ni-o placut fraza

    „…or I’m going to call the US Embassy and have you taken to one of Bush’s secret detention torture centers.”


    Comentariu de mixdpp — februarie 19, 2007 @ 2:48

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